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Our group of amateur radio enthusiasts have been meeting on a weekly basis since 1987. Many of the regulars have been licensed hams for over 50 years and they have considerable experience with ham gear, antennas and operating techniques. They also have specialized knowledge in all facets of the hobby. Our group is open to all who have an interest in ham radio. You can sign up for the weekly lunch invitation by entering your call and email address below.

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Our lunch group is frequently fifteen or twenty hams and you don't need to RSVP to attend. We currently visit Fuddruckers, Phil's BBQ, Natsumi Buffet, Filippi's Grotto, Karl Strauss and Ballast Point Brewing, Denny's, UTC Food Court, Rockin Baja Grill, Souplantation, Seaside Buffet, Spices Thai Cafe and others.

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Some Have Left Us

July 1, 2005 (SK)

Hal Ingram was a long time ham and an Elmer for many new to amateur radio. Hal had an infectious enthusiasm that touched most everything he did and particularly ham radio. You just couldn't help but get inspired about whatever Hal was talking about. This photo was taken of Hal demonstrating satellite communications on field day.

February 13, 2008 (SK)

Harvey Hiller was a long time ham who took part in many events. He was an avid contester and achieved impressive results using a Stepp-IR from his home QTH. He is shown here at the helm of a sail boat owned by NN6X/Paul.

February 16, 2008 (SK)

Rod Dinkins was a life long ham who took part in many events. Rod continuously monitered several 2m repeaters on Palomar Mtn. He was always quick with a web search to help out a motorist who needed directions. He is shown here manning the GOTA station at a PARC field day site.

April 16, 2015 (SK)

Art Mc Bride was an avid microwave radio enthusiast and a gifted electrical engineer. He would amaze many by making a DX contact thousands of miles away using only a small antenna and a couple of watts. He is shown here manning the microwave station at a Palomar Amateur Radio Club field day.

May 13, 2016 (SK)

Dave Bell was an award-winning Hollywood producer and a radio amateur for 65 years. He directed "Amateur Radio Today" and produced several other ham radio-related promotional videos and films, starting with The Ham's Wide World, a TV documentary filmed in black and white. More reciently he wrote a book of his memoirs "World's Best Hobby". A DXer, contester, and past president of the Southern California DX Club, Dave was a truly unique gift to amateur radio.

W6AQ/Dave Bell
July 24, 2016 (SK)

Ted Storke was a long time Palomar club member and he was active much of the day on the club's 2m repeaters. Ted was a big hearted, generous man with a true zest for life and an Elmer to many new hams. Ted's email signature line was simply "Friendship through Amateur Radio" and to be sure, ham radio has lost a wonderful friend.

KD6AKT/Ted Storke

UTC Food Court

4545 La Jolla Village Drive
January 11, 2019
Join us for lively conversation, good food and fun!
I was originally licensed as WN0IAK in Ames, Iowa in 1964. Amateur radio has been my life long hobby for over 50 years. Best 73 de W0NI - Tom